The Tula Comparison

“My son is sooooo big. I need the Toddler Tula.”

“My little girl isn’t so little anymore. She’s almost one! I need the Toddler Tula.”

At Woodland Babies, we get this all the time. And my answer is always the same. “Not necessarily.”

The Toddler Tula is really rather large. The Tula website recommends that it be used starting around 18 months old (or about 25 lbs), and 32 inches tall. That’s 2 and a half feet tall! Many baby carriers wouldn’t be very comfortable for the wearer or the child with starting at this point, but the Toddler Tula has always impressed me with the level of comfort, as well as how easy it is to use.

At the end of the day, trying your child in the Baby and Toddler Tula is much easier than estimating, but if that isn’t a possibility, hopefully these comparison shots will help.

Overall Comparison

This picture shows the size difference, overall. Baby size Tula is on top, in dark grey, while the Toddler is on the bottom in light grey. 

Side Comparison

Looking a little closer up, you can see that the height of the panel is much taller (18″ as compared with the Baby size, which is 15.5″ tall), as is the width of the panel (19″, and the Baby size is 14.5″), and width of the waist band. All in all, the Toddler carrier is huge! 

Mia in Toddler Tula

Here, we have my 3 1/2 year old in the Toddler Size. You can see that the carrier goes knee to knee, and the panel is all the way up to the top of her shoulders.

Mia in Baby Tula

Here she is again, in the Baby Size. The knee padding is just short of being knee to knee, and the top of the panel is a couple inches below her shoulders. However, she is still comfortable, safe, and secure. If I were buying a Tula to share between a bigger kid and an infant, I could safely choose (in this case) to use the Baby size for both. 

Baby in Baby Tula

And here I am wearing a sweet little friend, who is just under a year old. Baby is also knee to knee in this Baby size Tula, and is quite happy (unlike my little girl who is not pleased that she was taken out of the Tula!).

I hope these comparison shots help you make an easier decision when shopping for a Tula. If you are local to Woodland Babies, you can always come to our local events and try both on for size. 


Happy Babywearing and a huge THANK YOU to Marie Lynn Studios for the babywearing pictures ❤