Babywearing in Texas

Babywearing in Texas

Babywearing in Texas

Yep, it’s summer in Houston, and the heat is unavoidable unless we stay barricaded in our igloos (air-conditioned homes). But we can persevere; and we can babywear while doing it! Just follow these wonderful tips from our local Babywearing International President and Master Babywearing Educator, Angelique Geehan.

“I do feel the need to address the ‘ice pack in the front pocket of the baby carrier’ picture that is floating around the internet. When one applies ice to an injury, the guideline is for 10-20 minutes to avoid frostbite and tissue damage. Then before reapplying, you need to wait until the area has had a chance to warm, about 45-60 minutes. Not to mention, applying ice is uncomfortable, especially to a little one. Do your kids squirm away when trying to put ice on them? Mine do! But in a baby carrier they can’t get away! So, while putting ice packs in your carrier, either in between you and baby, or in the exterior pocket sound brilliant at first glance, it is probably not the best idea (unless baby has hurt himself, in which case, might be a great way to ice his injury).”

Woodland Mama Mary


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